Exceptional leather products, handmade in California. Specializing in the needs of chefs, our knife rolls are working hard in kitchens all over the world. Leather knife rolls, wallets and bags are all made in the USA, in our San Luis Obispo, CA studio.


JAW Leather Goods specializes in making the highest quality leather goods available anywhere.  We utilize the finest leathers and follow a long tradition of American craftsmanship.  Whether you need a wallet, a satchel, or a knife roll, we have got you covered; and you can rest assured that you made the right choice.  Supporting small artisan craftspeople is integral to what makes America great, and JAW Leather Goods is just one guy making leather stuff in a small studio in San Luis Obispo, California.  Shop small, shop smart, and thank you for supporting our little studio!  Please take the time to sign up for the newsletter below to be notified of new products and special sales.