Welcome to the new blog/journal/visualjourneystation

So I am officially moving over to this new blog format, as my wordpress blog has outlasted it's usefulness, and it just feels better to have everything on the same platform.  Hope that makes sense!  Alrighty, so I've basically got a bunch of new stuff in the works coming soon, and will be posting about it mostly here, as well as instagram and hopefully twitter soon (@jawleathergoods on both, follow me!).  I'm waiting on some new leather that should hopefully be my new go-to brown for knife rolls and bags.  I should be making samples in the next week or two, and setting up a slight re-design of my knife bags.  Larger zip pocket, probably brown canvas lining coming standard instead of natural (natural will still be available though) and overall update.  My ten slot roll may change to a permanent 12 slot roll as well, with the addition of two or three slots on top facing downward for tools and small stuff.  

I'm pretty excited to be finally working out a standard backpack design that should be available soon, as well as a new shoulder bag design.  I will hopefully be having an overnight bag sized unit available too in the next month or two.  Keep your eyes peeled!  Thanks for your support,


New leather