JAW is short for Jonathan Andrew Wilson.  I am a designer/maker located in San Luis Obispo, California.  All pieces are handmade by one person from start to finish using the finest materials available.  

A sit down and chat type of update

A sit down and chat type of update

Just added a huge amount of new stuff to the shop.  Tote bags and satchels, in a few different styles.  

I have been working on some very new stuff that involves a lot of decorative work, and I think I have hit on something.  

"Sharon" Handbag #1

"Sharon" Handbag #1

I got a new sewing machine that I have been wanting for a long time.  It is a "cylinder base" machine, which means that it basically has an open bottom with a pole sticking out so you can get inside of stuff, and sew around the edges of stuff easier.  It has allowed me to do some cool decorative stuff that I didn't think I could do easily.  

These new bags have turned out pretty cool, and it is definitely going to be an ongoing project, with new bags coming along every week or two.  

I have been working on new techniques all around, if you follow my work you will probably have noticed that I have been trying a lot of new stuff over the last six months or so.  I have been working with leather for about 7 years now (which is crazy), and I really think I have been re-invigorated lately, with new ideas coming faster than I can execute them.

After going through cancer treatment for two and a half years, I have officially been in remission for more than a year now.  It seems crazy, and I am still figuring out what my new "normal" looks like, and how to get things back on track fully.  Thank you to everyone for your continued support and kindness over the last few years, it has truly been a long and weird journey for me, but I think I have come out the other side stronger and more focused.  

In other news, I just released an album of electronic music that was recorded over the last year or so of recovery.  It is upbeat psychedelic electro-pop, and I would love to have people listen to it.  I am currently working on a music video with some dancers, so that will be out in the next few months, and I will have a proper release at that time.  For now, this is sort of a pre-release bonus.  Check it out here:

Riding the leather beast

End of year wrap up