Slightly tweaked Knife Roll additions

Leather Knife rolls - ready to go

So I have ever so slightly tweaked my knife roll selection and sort of streamlined things to make picking which roll easier for everyone.  It is still a process and may take a couple more weeks to fully implement.  I have really enjoyed a new leather that I have been working with for the past few months, and for the time being, it will be my default brown leather.  I am calling it "vintage brown pull up," as that is a pretty good description of it.  It really has a nice mellow vintage feel, and is nice and smooth.  It wears in nicely and is somewhere on the medium/firm temper spectrum that is perfect for knife rolls. 

As things stand, I am offering my newer "Simple" roll, without lining, in this leather only, with the same burnt orange suede that has been so beloved.  I feel like this combo really pops, and makes what really is a simple, nearly perfect small knife bag.  On this version I have extended the size of the bonus pocket from the classic roll, so you can fit a little bit more tools and stuff in there.  This may be a scare to some, but sometime in the next year or so, I may ditch the lined rolls all together and simplify my entire knife roll range to unlined versions.  I have also been working on a 7 or 8 slot roll that will be unlined and have the same features of our large roll, the shoulder strap and zipper pouch.  It will probably have a single buckle closure and I am gonna try to hit a price point of about $220.  So look forward to that!  Otherwise, let me know what your thoughts are!  Is there some style of knife roll you have been looking for?  Some feature that you can't find that you would like?  Let me know!  I am trying to consolidate my line into 3 rolls that take into account all the different possible features I have come across over the last 7 years of making these things for chefs all over the world.  


So for now, I have the simple version in our newish vintage brown pull up, and the classic version available in a sleek dark brown.  If you are looking for a classic style roll (with lining) in the lighter brown, shoot me an email!  I would be happy to make ya one.  


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