If you are looking for a nice leather wallet....

If you are looking for a nice leather wallet....

Wallets are finally back in stock in the shop!  I've been using some new leather and loving it, and I've finally got some wallets available in it.  Let me know what you think!  Also, remember that I make everything to order, so with christmas coming up soon-ish, order soon!  Things tend to get a little crazy closer to the holidays.  The leather on these wallets is a lovely oil tanned cowhide with a medium brown color, and has a striking gold pull-up effect.  It is nice and waxy, and super durable.  The interior is made of the same shrunken goat hide I've been using for a while, although this batch is a little more on the matte dark grey/brown color that is very nice.  Here's some pics!


Lovely!  I've been making some interesting videos, and am trying to regularly post them over on instagram, so be sure to follow me there to see that, and other cool stuff I'm working on, including some weird woodworking projects that I've been doing lately.  

As some may know, I've been going through treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma for the last 2+ years, and am finally in remission after starting a clinical trial at UCLA about 6 months ago.  Well, I have a PET scan coming up next week which, if clear, will mean that I will be going off the drugs I've been on, and I will be, for the first time in 2 years, not on crazy anti-cancer drugs.  I'm equally excited and scared.  I just want to say thank you to all the customers who have supported me over the last couple years, as I've had my ups and downs over the course of treatment.  I couldn't have made it through without having projects to take my mind off the stresses and straight up madness of cancer treatment.  That shit is fucked up man.  Thanks as always for checking out what I do, and have a good day!


Some new stuff added to the shop...

Chef knife rolls in the real world