Kraft Wallet - Horween Chromexcel

Kraft Wallet - Horween Chromexcel


Reminiscent of old school leathercraft, this wallet is made of a single piece of leather.  Folded twice and stitched on two sides, it creates two card slots which can hold a good amount of cards.  Each pocket is angled to give an edge to grab cards in both slots.  Works great as a minimalist wallet for a night out, or you can use it as your go to.  

Made from Horween Tannery's famous Chromexcel leather, this is a piece that is made to break in with you, and just reeks of old school charm.

Dimensions:  4" x 2.75"  Holds about 8-10 cards.  May need to stretch out a little at first to fit 10 comfortably.  

Made in our San Luis Obispo, California studio.  

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