Modern Wallet -Brown Chromexcel Horsehide

Modern Wallet -Brown Chromexcel Horsehide


This is a wallet style that I for some reason phased out in the last year or two, but have decided to bring back.  It is a unique style, and really is a satisfying wallet to use.  It has six card slots, so it holds a ton of cards.  The bill slot is extra large, and fits most international currency.  I decided to keep it classic and went with a combo of Brown Horween Chromexcel horse butt leather for the outside, and natural vegetable tanned cowhide for the inside.  The inside will darken with oil and use, and will settle into a deep caramel brown after some time.  Horsehide is some of the most durable leather out there, and really has a unique look and feel.  It breaks in nicely and really has a cool look and feel with some wear.  

Dimensions are about 4" x 4" x maybe about 3/8" thick. 

Handmade in our San Luis Obispo, California studio

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