Super Card Wallet - V2

Super Card Wallet - V2


This color is extremely limited! The super card wallet has the perfect modern set up. Plenty of card sized slots, and folded cash can easily be stashed in the large rear pockets. Holds up to about 8-10 cards comfortably. Made from hand dyed vegetable tanned saddle leather on the outside, and natural veg tan on the inside. Each piece is unique, as I hand dye a whole side of leather at a time and when it gets cut up each panel ends up with a unique pattern and level of depth. The wallet pictured will probably not be the one you get, but it will be the same color, and have the same depth and overall feel.

- Each piece is hand dyed and will be one of a kind.

- Made from high quality vegetable tanned strap leather, which will darken and patina over time to a deep caramel brown color.

- Each wallet is hand made from start to finish in our San Luis Obispo, California workshop.

- This is a limited edition, as each hide I dye turns out a little different, and each batch is gone when they are gone.

- A slim, stylish modern wallet perfect for those who don't often carry cash. Cash can easily be folded and stashed when necessary.

- 4.5" x 3" x .35" when closed.

- The leather will stretch and break in allowing more cards over time.

Feel free to message me with any questions!

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